Wednesday, 21 October 2009

STREET Smart..........!!!!!!!!!!!

The future stars of the games next generation aren't going to be found in some upper class country club or national elite squad team. No! The future of the game is born out of the street and boundless possibilities the urban landscape has to offer. With such a vast expanse of creative space to express themselves this concrete course will cultivate the most exciting wave of talent the game has ever seen. From both a mental and physical standpoint this fresh new breed will bring elements of life's struggle, the street life instincts for survival but most importantly these success hungry expressionists will inject life and color.

With the endless possibilities every bustling city has to offer, we have before us the greatest platform for escape of mind, freedom of soul and attitude for greatness. If we can get into the big city, target the deprived, inspire the fighters and throw a line into the struggle we can channel and shape the many kids that seek to challenge their own self worth. Give them a real golf club, a soft ball and a target to shape it to and I guarantee we have ourselves the rawest new beginnings and quite possibly the games future alternative to the now seeked golfing machine.

Its a long shot, hell what chance do we have in handing a street kid a weapon and a ball?

Maybe not straight forward, but what new direction is?
If we can sow the seed the fruits will ripen!



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