Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Mr Penick wrote his mind in a little red book.

And it was probably the most important book he ever scribbled in.
Full of thoughts, ideals, feelings and beliefs this book is a testament to the life of a passionate practitioner. A man so totally consumed by his art and craft for human shaping he will probably never be surpassed as a true golfing genius. His life in the game is a testament to the raw art that is human shaping through the medium of golf. His references to the finer talents of the artistic world and the graceful analogies of artists holding fine musical instruments and tools of great expression provide a clear understanding of the great mans appreciation for the game as an art form.

He considered the hands as the most vital fundamental of them all and described the best hands on the golf club as a pure work of art. He handled every fresh pair as a sculptor handles every mold of clay, like its set in stone for as long as thy shall perform with flair and instinctive expression. He undoubtedly had a deep appreciation for the heart of all golf swings. He said if you have a bad grip you don't want a good swing. With a bad grip you have to make unattractive adjustments in your swing to hit the ball squarely. A great looking swing with a poor grip would knock many a ball out of bounds.

Mr Harvey Penick ultimately stood for one thing, simplicity. He was a master of spoon feeding the pupil with only the most appropriate and relevant information for the individual before him. He knew people because people were his life, his achievements through those that seeked his wisdom is unprecedented. He never conducted lessons of more than one pupil as he believed the temptation of others to grasp unnecessary information of no relevance to themselves was to risky. Working with one pupil is as pure as the teaching art form gets, developing and shaping that players unique strengths and key tendencies is the ultimate road to self sufficient greatness.

Harvey is a legend, he is remembered in my teachings as he is pursued in my dreams.


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