Friday, 2 October 2009


Miles Davis was a genius.

Everything he did was a statement.
Every breath, every blow of his horn, every move he made, both in life and music was a pure reaction to everything around him. Not once did he stop to think or ever doubt his instincts. He lived his life through an acute instinct to create and continually push the limitless boundaries of both mind and body. Not only did he create sounds so ahead of there time, Miles Davis redefined the genre we know as Jazz and opened the doors to exactly what it is. In his own words, 'you can call it what you want', its anything and everything artistic expression should be. Its FREE, and thats what Mile Davis was, he was so free of constraints, opinions and beliefs, he was never controlled by others, he was a genius, an individual, a outlaw, a visionary, totally unique. He created sweet sounding, critic loving music, he redefined it, he created new directions in Jazz and fed the world with easy to appreciate sounds that could appeal to an elite minority of music lovers. But Miles wanted more, he was an artist and wanted a far greater reach, he wanted a younger more impressionable audience. He was into the young sound, the fresh beats of the day and wanted to express his intake of everything around him to the next generation of music fans, he wanted to be on the pulse of the day, the inspiration of tomorrow. He wanted to interpret the appealing funk rhythms, electric guitar, keyboard and distortion possibilities of the modern era. His intake was clearly overflowing with inspiration and creative emotion, to the point where he was forever in search of new sounds and possible ways of expressing it through ever diverse rhythmic patterns and fresh new arrangements.

His stature within the art of sound and the Jazz world gave him the power to pick and choose literally any musician he wished, and he only wanted the best and the best would join him because Mile Davis knows how to get the best out of everyone. Simply putting musicians in a room and giving them a note to run with, he would play without rehearsal, without forward planning, the whole creative process was about exploring oneself and talent with the instrument before you. Recording with Miles was a raw creative adventure amongst talented artists, it was never controlled or planned, the only thing Miles cared about was the quality of the musicians he was surrounded by. That was a BASIC requirement, with the best basics he knew he had the freedom to create whatever he pleased, and whatever he pleased he so did.

Miles Davis was never motivated by money, sure he enjoyed the rewards of talent but what drove him was a passion for creative freedom. Freedom of mind and body to create new sounds with constantly more colourful depths of emotion.

He was totally into himself and music, consumed by creation.

It may seem strange to of found this piece in the middle of a blog so totally dedicated to golf, I hope you can see the relevance of Miles and why I hold him in the highest of regard. It doesn't matter weather its Golf, Music, Film or Flying, all that matters is you stand yourself away from the crowd and shout as loud as you can with the talent you have. Never fall into the pack, remain passionate and dedicated to the art of limitless possibilities and you are well on your way to the freedom required to lead the pack and push the boundaries set forth by the legends before you.

Over control means know control - Respect the basics and let yourself go - give up control to gain control


Enjoy Miles as he enjoyed himself.


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