Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gift from GOD.

A kid named Rodney, a boy on a board, a wally on wheels, a genius on the ground. The creative wizard that is named Rodney Mullen is a Skateboard magician in a league of his own. Born a child, Mr Mullen never felt any urgency to grow up, continuing his journey through life on a little board with four wheels his story is one of continued creative progression. Self expression and expanded capability lay at the core of his every move, his every inspirational motivation, the next trick becomes the next mark of minimum standard. The Skateboard king that is Rodney Mullen is and will surely remain the most innovative, forward thinking, creatively expressive individual known to the world of boards with wheels.

The signature bearing author of over 30 distinct tricks, he has single handedly invented the art, the creative discipline of physical expression with a board on four wheels. He is without doubt the worlds most gifted Skateboarder on earth today. A somewhat shy and casually reserved individual, Rodney is a fragile being, an almost damaged human inspiration. Upon opening to question, one would be lead to believe his talent is one born out of an almost autistic state of mind. Pushing himself to the limit of human possibility from the age of 8, he was warned many times of his fathers discomfort with his chosen pursuit, undeterred by such worry Rodney remained focused and fiercely dedicated to the boundless possibility he was faced with.

When forced to retreat to a more remote part of Florida when the family moved to a farm in 1979, it is now this vital stage in his development that he cites as his "most creative time", 1979 - 1980. Its was during this period that the young Rodney, faced only with a flat space to skate in the family garage, in total isolation from the inspirationally creative influences of a more urban, rugged landscape he would hone and master the blueprint for which all others would follow and continue to challenge for the rest of our time on earth.

I can't wait to wake up in the morning... A lot of times I can't sleep because I can't wait to try something new. How many people never really experience that feeling? 

Rodney Mullen, 2003

A genius. A creative force. A child in a mans body. A unique human inspiration to boundless possibility. This guy is without doubt the most influential artist to of ever graced the creative discipline of Skateboarding.

Check him out, he's the man and couldn't give two hoots either way, just cares for one thing. He likes to skate, and skate real good is all he cares to do.