Monday, 18 August 2008




Pure swing motion of a teenage South African.

Currently a sensation in the making, this kid may well be the front line of a fresh new voice in golf instruction.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Simplicity breeds consistency.

Great golf is built on great shapes.

On viewing the worlds leading players we see certain common elements in all.
Those that perform to the highest level week in week out are those that produce the most consistently efficient shapes in the set-up. A neutral blending in the formation of the hands over a solid base and strong left side supported by a relaxed right.
Mr Weiskopf offers a classic example.

Once the golf swing starts whatever alteration or change there is in the golf swing is the result of movements. If these movements are correct in there proper order, time and place, the clubhead will strike the ball squarely at an accelerated force to drive the ball straight forward.

To perform naturally without need for compensation and recovery in these movements we must first respect the shapes that will position, time and pace them within motion. The simplest way to shape the swing is through the shape of your set-up.

'If you stand in a hole you better expect to swing in a hole!'

Great golf is about controlling the golf ball, controlling the golf ball is a matter of shaping the swing that propells it. If simplicity breeds consistency then simple shapes in the address will naturally shape and influence all elements of balance, equality of movement and speed of motion within the swing.

Focus your attention to the positions in the set-up and leave the positions in the swing to themselves, the swing is a reaction to a target not an ideal swing. How you shape your golf swing is a simple matter of how well you shape your address.


The most efficient, neutral address position will allow us to combine a consistently full shoulder turn over a stable right knee on the backswing with an aggressive forward swing in which the left knee leads everything else through impact. It sets up a swing that is simple and relatively free of extraneous, moving parts.