Monday, 21 June 2010

Winding Up........releasing energy.

Back hand throw sequence.

What's the purpose of the backswing?

To create power. 

The single most vital purpose of the back swing is to create a series of reflex movements away from the golf ball to create maximum power on delivery of the club head on its return back to the golf ball through the point of impact. 

Finding the most powerful path for delivery is a matter of creating a position at address that will allow all the body parts to blend and respond equally. In essence we are looking for total connection at address in a search for total connection at impact.  


CreaTiVity iN SpoRT.

Its all over it. 

Any form of human physical movement is done so in response to something else, an inspiration, motivation or reflex instinct. Its an opportunity for a creative response, a unique creative reaction by the individual. 

In sport one has two distinct avenues of style, flair or ideology to pursue and follow. 

2. CreAtiVE.

As coaches we must be open and able to satisfy both avenues in our quest to create equality in our impression of both methods upon our pupil. 

Once the swing has been setup, continually aim to educate the pupil with the laws of impact to establish the pupils understanding and burning hunger for a self sufficient golf game.

Continually challenge and make them feel uncomfortable, both with their work ethic and desire to achieve their goals. 

They must remain self aware and ready to be challenged.

Challenge their skill level. Skills testing on a regular basis, always creating a similar pressure situation. The feelings you can only experience from the feel of a pure strike, the sight of a controlled ball flight or the pressure of the stretch in a big tournament. 

Get creative with all areas of your game and life. Open your mind and free your thoughts, your anxiety, that doubt and stray from the positive. 

Total focus on your target and complete detachment from yourself. 

Believe it, Trust it, Do it.


Centre the World around you.

Take what you need but never forget to give back what you learn.

There is nothing selfish about the force you create and fuel around you. 
Centre the world within you and use its great power to deliver inspiration to all who surround you.

Never aspire to be anyone other than you. 
You are the inspiration that others aspire to. 
Lead by action, motivate by leading. 
The passion that leads you is the master that drives and ultimately succeeds you.

Perseverance is the key to achievement as all achievement is ultimate perseverance.

Live from your heart in search of your soul. Don't be real, just be you.