Friday, 2 October 2009

MuLtiDiMensionaL Consciousness.

Take a look inside the zone.

Operating or effectively performing to a level of excellence through a higher or multi level of conscious thoughts, feelings senses and imagination. An out of body experience that elite performance athletes search for in a quest for excellence.

When a top flight golfer enters the zone, he has reached a level of thought that allows him to focus on more than one of the feelings or sensations associated with the shot before him. He can allow his body to react without conscious awareness of his bodies reflex movements and remain totally fixated on the target and feelings associated with the shot before him. He can give up controlling thoughts and focus all his attention on the target, essentially he has total trust in his skill of execution and going in search of the only thing that matters - THE TARGET.

If we refer back to Miles Davis for a moment and the sounds he created, on listening for the first time the listener is forced to reject it and typically label it as rubbish. Why is this, well if you haven't experienced the sound of Miles Davis between the period of 1969-1972 then go listen. 9 times out of 10, people don't get it, this is because the sounds are so diverse and so bold, vibrant and hypnotic as individual journeys that combined they just sound like a mess. It really is a matter of disturbing the listener and then demanding their attention, you see this kind of music as with all great art is demanding and so appealing to those with great intrigue and a desire for understanding everything around them. The more you listen the more you get, the more you get the more sounds you define, the more defined your favorite sounds, the more emotionally connected you become with the music. As you study it, you discover new sounds, you go in search of the sound then add another then another before you're lost in a piece of music that is demanding you function on Multiple Levels of Consciousness. The sound takes shape and the feelings it creates are like nothing any other piece of music will possibly ever create.

I assure you its demanding, just as the game of golf provides a fresh challenge every time you step onto the course, finding the mental state of mind that allows you free entry into the ZONE on every stroke is equally as tough.
Or is it?
If we look back at the music of Miles Davis, in its simplest form its a series of layers of individual sound and hearing the complete piece of work is a matter of focusing your hearing on one sound then adding another then another until you hear the complete sound. Its your pathway to the ZONE, in golf it should be no different only you're dealing with and focusing on layers of a correct procedure. You can fall into the ZONE in much the same way, by simply following a simple routine or procedure for effective shot making.

Starting with an evaluation of the situation before you, hows the ball lying?
Where's the pin location?
Where's the danger?
Where can I miss this shot?
Where's the wind?
Take on board as much information as you can and build your senses of feel and awareness upon it.
Now identify the shot shape and trajectory best suited to achieve your target.
Now select the club needed to perform the shot and rehearse the reflex action as you effectively feel it.
With a clear image of the shot in your subconscious mind you have a free and open mindset with which to effectively execute the shot before you.
You are essentially in the ZONE and FREE to PERFORM with a CREATIVE REACTION.

Multidimensional Consciousness is a highly complex subject, its a level of human thought very few individuals ever fully experience. Working towards it is the only sure fire way of guaranteeing your mind is on the demanding road to excellence.

The more you think it the less you actually behold it.
Allow your mind to wonder within the confounds of perfect preparation and every fresh challenge the game has to offer.


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