Saturday, 3 October 2009

Call iT what you like.....

I call it golf instruction of
the highest order.

What are you currently working on?

Can I tell you the only thing you should ever be working on?

Controlling your golf ball!

Now tell me the most important point in the swing?


Now tell me why?

Because this is the deciding point that decides how the golf ball is going to be influenced.

So what has the greatest influence over the flight of the golf ball?

The club face!

Now what has the greatest influence over the club face?

That's right, the HANDS!

The hands rule supreme over everything as its your only contact with the golf club. Everything you feel, sense and react to internally and physically is formed around this vital connection.

So you're working on a position or movement in your golf swing?

Why do you think that happens?

Because you're totally unique and built like no other person on the planet. That's why!

So can you in grain the muscle memory to over ride this?

You probably can but will it last forever?

I can assure you not!

Ok you may have some success but I guarantee you the amount of work required to sustain it will be immense and quite frankly a waste of time and talent.

Before we continue just ask yourself why you are trying to perfect the look of your golf swing?

What's wrong with the current flight of your golf ball?

What's the flight of the ball telling you about the condition of IMPACT?

Is it curving in flight?
Which way?
Is it high?
Is it spinning?
Does it start left or right of your target?
Does it stay on that line?
Or does it curve further away from the target?
Or does it curve back across the target line?
Is the divot deep or shallow?

These are the questions a great teacher is asking himself with every new pupil he views.

His role in the beginning is that of a golfing detective who's only concern is the players conditions at impact.

He knows and respects the flight of the golf ball reveals all and all diagnoses comes from here. All the clues are there, impact and ball flight, he can diagnose exactly what's happening in the swing and which fundamentals/ what part of the setup is causing it.

Controlling these conditions is all the golf swing is about, and controlling them is a matter of manipulation through adjustments in the address.

The BASIC FUNDAMENTALS of the SETUP are all you need to control your IMPACT.

Impact is key and ball flight is your teacher. My job is to educate as many players as I can and give them the skill to look after their own golf game without my constant help.

As the great Peter Thompson says, 'the modern players are too coach dependant, in my day you looked after your own game and never relied on anybody'.

That's my man and that's my ultimate goal with everyone I work with.

You can all be your own best teacher, you just need to start looking at the right things.

Modern coaching has become way to concerned with the positions and movements within the swing and almost totally lost respect for the positions before the swing. The introduction of video and freeze frame footage of the golf swing has most certainly given us great insight into the key elements of an effectively functioning swing but how relevant is this?
How controllable are these key positions during the swing?
But more importantly, why do these effective positions occur in the best players in the world?
What's the common denominator?


Add this to a winning ATTiTUDE and you have a supreme golfer.

The world of top flight sport is seriously big business, its literally saturated with cash, corporate, tv, big brand money train politics! And with cash comes people, the lucrative world of sport especially golf has been corrupted by wealth and turned over by commercialism. I'm afraid the day of the individual, the artist, the passionate shot maker, the true champion golfers are lost in a crowd of money hungry bastards. The pilots of this game, the hangers on are disrupting the pace of this games natural evolution in their selfish effort to make that quick buck.

Its time to make a return to simple, ball controlling fundamentals. The day of the creative shot maker is upon us once more.

Enjoy the ride, create to fight.

Fight for flight........................../


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