Monday, 28 July 2008



No other game combines the wonders of nature with the discipline of sport in such carefully planned ways. A great golf course both frees and challenges a players mind.
Tom Watson

A free and open mind is surely the key to all success, weather it be life or death, work and play, freedom is ones meaning to live, its freedom we all strive for. Freedom of mind is simply trust of instinct, as living beings we all possess one single most unique and ultimately most powerful tool - INSTINCT. We all have it, though very few of us actually allow it to perform to its fullest capabillity. The mind usually takes over, limiting us to certain boundaries, boundaries only found through over analysis, the mind desires control while control battles instinct.

In trusting instinct we practice freedom.

If freedom is key how do we play free, simple, give up control, give up anticipation be ready for mistakes as mistakes lead to new and unpredictable new challenges. Learn to embrace new challenges as exciting new times. As a free and open mind one must thrive on the next challenge, accept mistakes to erradicate mistakes. With this open mind set one will never make another mistake in his life. This is your life as in work as in play, instincts rule the mind as the mind rules free.

So whats this urban thing? Simple, its free. Open to all for all to see.

Golf has a playing field like no other in the world. Mountaineers, hunters, fisherman, trekkers, cyclists and scuba divers may well command the most extensive landscapes in which to pursue their challenges, but among the games that require a formal playing field, golf offers by far the most unique possibilities. Like no other game on the planet it provides one with not only a battle with ones self, ones place on that planet but ones battle with that planet. Its this ever changing natural battle with nature that makes this game so unique.

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