Thursday, 31 July 2008

HUMAN/ shaping.

Tell me what you feel.

What is golf to you?
Where do you want to go?
How does it make you feel?
Is what you’re doing right now taking you closer to where you want to go?
I can safely say it is.

So tell me, how long have you been trying to get to this place you’re supposedly going?
What do you need to do to get to this place you’re supposedly going?
I want you to tell me how you are going to get to this place you’re supposedly going?

Paint me a picture

Is this game an Art or Science?
Are you Feel or Machine?

How many times have you changed direction and thinking when faced with failure?

How many different trains of thought have you heard, seen and explored?

Who or what are you going to blame next?

Tell me what you feel.

We’re going to take a journey, together we shall explore the true depths of your thinking and dive to the core of your golfing ideals. You must share your thoughts first to yourself then second to ones golf. Lets paint an ideal, a feeling of resource, a weapon to explore on a canvas called a course.

I ask you to answer ones self, take a look at your face and ask yourself the honest answers to those questions ive just disturbed.

The good of golf depends on it, its yours to explore.

So tell me in your own words, simply put pen to paper and answer the questions in the space provided. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions.

I dare you to lie!


Lets talk swing and the pictures you’re scrambling.

So lets get straight to the chase and no doubt the most intriguing part of your thoughts.




How well do you understand the cause of your golf swing?
The foundations that position and shape it?

Well you tell me, write it down and store it away, it tells me what you feel.

As it tells you what you feel.

Before we begin to fully explore the true art of this great game we must first highlight one thing. You are either more focused on the position and path of an effect in the swing, or fully absorbed in a quest for total control of the result through understanding the cause of the effect.

Which are you?

CAUSE/ Set-up?
EFFECT/ Swing?
RESULT/ Ball flight?

Where do you place the heart of your thoughts?

An effect will always stem from somewhere, that's what makes it an effect.
Its the effect of something before it, it grows from somewhere else.

Try adding weight to the left side of the body in the set-up and tell me how the swing feels, I would bet a ton of money the swing becomes more upright as a result.

Now try positioning the ball in the back of the stance with a 5 iron and I’d double my bets you’re going to swing much more to the inside on a more shallow path.

If the shoulders are going to aim right due to the ball moving back in your stance then please don’t expect to swing the club more upright.

The body aims the swing.

So what shapes it?

Try holding the club with the left and right hand turned more to the right on the golf club for a right handed player and see how much faster the hands and clubface rotate to release through impact.

Get a feel for it, see how little the adjustment can be and how varied the shot pattern becomes.
Feel how the legs begin to compensate with a more aggressive drive towards the target in an effort to delay the hands from releasing. They are reacting to the action of the hands.

Everything is in reaction to the action of the hands.

Everything is in reaction to something that went before it - the effect of something else.

The golf swing is simply the effect of the positions that went before it.

Now tell me what comes before the swing?

Think about it.

So why focus so much attention on the positions it creates, it looks like it does because of something before it, something before the swing even engages motion.

Its the foundations of all things successful that make it what it is, a success!



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