Thursday, 31 July 2008

Do U fEEL mE?

Everything is a reaction to a target.
Before one can fully attach to ones target, one must learn to fully detach from oneself.
Understand the mindset, ‘give up control to truly gain control’.

The complete skill of golf is an art.

The art of striking a golf ball with supreme consistency, power and accuracy is totally dependant on the physical position and mental state of the player when addressing the golf ball.

Players must be prepared to allow the shape and contour of the swing to develop naturally from the correct positioning of the body in the set-up. From this point they have the opportunity to produce the most consistently efficient and free flowing swinging motion possible.

Detach from the action, attach to the feeling.
Connect with the target/ detach from the body.
See the shape to the target, set-up for the shape, react to the target.

Allow the swing to unfold!
Feel it begin to flower.
Something natural is something reliable, reliable is consistent, consistency is golf.

This free flowing action is the rawest and purist element in golf.
Finding it is the richest prize in golf.
We all have it, we just need to respect and understand the basics that shape it.

Give up control to gain control.

“Feel the force don’t force the feel” Toski.

The freedom of golf is what the ball does, which is dependant on what the club is doing at impact.

Clubface Alignment - Open/ Closed/ Square.
Swing Path - In-to-out/ Out-to-in/ Straight.
Angle of attack - Steep/ Shallow/ Correct for the club.
Speed - Relevant to the club and shot to be played.

Its the combination of these factors that shall determine the characteristics of the resulting flight of the golf ball.

How we influence these factors to produce a variety of ball flights is totally dependant on how the body and mind are prepared, balanced, blended and aligned in the set-up.

Key fundamentals.

Clubface Alignment - relevant to the ball to target line in the address.
Shaft Alignment - relative to the position of the ball, relative to the feet.
Hold - the position (strong/ weak/ neutral), pressure of the hands and their relationship to one another.
Shoulder Alignment - relative to the clubface, shaft and formation of the hands as a unit.
Spine Angle and Tilt - leaning forward from the hips then tilting to angle just behind the golf ball.
Hip Alignment - relative to the clubface, shaft, hands, shoulders and spine.
Ball position - relative to the club and shot selection.
Feet/ Knee Position and Alignment - relative to the clubface, shaft, hands, shoulders, spine and hips.
Weight distribution - as a result of the above the weight shall favour the right foot.

The final fundamental is mental state, a players understanding, their vision, their belief, their confidence. It’s all an effect of the players mood towards the art.

The ball flight holds the key, its the single most important source of feedback for both the player and coach.

All knowledge of the art will develop from here.

All references are towards the right handed golfer.

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