Thursday, 31 July 2008

Do you fEEL me now?

A - A
S - smooth
I - individual
C - consistent
S - swing

Everything is a reaction to a target.
We must learn to respect and understand the absolute basics, they provide us with a means to our target.
Before one can fully attach to ones target, one must learn to fully detach from oneself.
Detach the mind engage the feeling.
Allow the swing to unfold.
Understand the mindset, ‘give up control to truly gain control’.
Detach from the move engage in the feel.

To control the movements outside the body we must learn to feel the sensations inside the body.

If you and every component muscle in you can remember the feel of a good golf shot, then you can make a good golf shot- and you have become what Percy Boomer describes as a reflex Golfer. The good shot has become your reflex, or automatic response to the sight of the ball and target.

This ‘reflex’ should be noted as a series of sensations which must naturally follow and blend into one another with ease and grace. Each sensation must be connected with those that precede and follow it, they can never be considered or even felt independently. They are simply a series of flowing sensations that blend naturally when initiated correctly.

Once the golf swing starts whatever alteration or change there is in the golf swing is the result of movements. If these movement s are correct in there proper order, time and place, the clubhead will strike the ball squarely at an accelerated force to drive the ball straight forward.

‘The golf swing is a measure of time which very few people have truly learned to pace’ Toski.

Its common belief in many students that swinging a golf club and striking a ball is a complicated checklist of positions and swing thoughts. You simply can not learn to play golf by memory and must quickly learn to appreciate the positions of the swing that must be performed in their entirety, as one fluid motion.

As a Teacher I must ingrain this understanding, its vital my pupil has this train of thought as its this grounding that freedom of both mind and body will flourish.

As we stand to the side of the golf ball, one must first understand the shape and direction of a pure swing. Yes the golf club has its most efficient path or journey as it swings so lets respect it and begin the journey to repeating it through a free flowing motion.

We must paint a clear picture or impression of the golf swings speed, shape and direction of force in motion.

I could focus all of our attention to the positions a natural swing creates only I would soon lose all my pupils to the fascination of constructing them as opposed to the feelings required to attain them naturally.

Nothing more than an appreciation for the correct path and shape of clubface as it presents itself before, during and after impact.

The art of teaching is the art of communication.
To understand is power, to communicate is control.

As a teacher we must find the most effective means of communication to gain control of our pupils thought process.
We must provide feel, awareness and sensitivity to what the golf club is trying to do within the purest form of swing.

The art of the swing contains pure Swing / Turn/ Shift.
Take one away and all else will fail.

The shape and function of the fingers/ hands/ wrists & forearms is totally governed by physics.


Check the fact - lateral and vertical force create rotation.
So to does the purest golf swing.

A general awareness of the golf clubs path and purpose as dictated by the left hand and arm is essential before the mind can truly relax and fully detach from the human instinct of control.

We all have a pure golf swing, initial human instinct just gets in the way.

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