Monday, 16 May 2011


Where is it?
Where's it at?
Is it the end?
Or halfway at?

At what point in the swing do we make contact with the golf ball?
This is the simple question I ask each and everyone of my pupils on a daily basis.
Tell me this, is it at the end or is it in the middle of the golf swing?

Sound simple?
Well answer me that.

For this golfing guy sees many a golfing newcomer attempting to end their golfing action at a point as close to the point of impact as humanly possible. The result is of course one full of golfing nightmares and golf swinging disasters.

The point to raise and ultimately highlight is the need to appreciate the golf swing is a swing, a swing has no end but a single point of free flowing execution, it simply is a force defying motivation of gravity pulling expression. It cares not for a small white ball, just one single motivation, its free, free to swing and that it shall freely do and happily take strike of anything that may get in its way.

That thing in its way is of course a small white ball, (or yellow if you like the big cheques of a company named Srixon!!!!!).


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