Tuesday, 31 May 2011

HEAVYWEIGHT V's lightweight.

What's the benefit, where's the difference?

Well, many a moon ago the talented golfers among us developed golf swings capable of securing the most priceless of golfing silverware. They were forced to succeed with the heaviest of equipment and softest of little white balls, their goal was simple. Each had one defining motivation, one of rich motivational force and heavy weighted feeling. In order to achieve their goals they had to find away to swing, turn and shift their weight into a golf swing of consistent repetition, one free of forceful force and totally absorbent to forceful feeling. In short, they were free to create a feeling of free flowing force due in most to the now seen as heavy feeling weight so widely accepted as the norm amongst club makers the golfing world over. The thing that made these guys swing was the thing that hinders those that now seek it as a pleasure. Currently based in Asia, I am forced to deal with a growing wealth of players each led to believe the more lighter the weight of their equipment the more likely they are to create a swing of consistent repetition.

Let me be the first to shout and scream letters 'NO!!!!!'

Ever tried swinging a piece of string with no weight?

Its pretty pointless!

Well of course it will swing but how effectively consistent that swinging movement is on a repeatable scale, back and forth from side to side is somewhat hindered without the gravity defining force of a heavy weighted object. Go ahead, try it. Go swing some string, see how inconsistent its swinging motion is and how varied its lowest point of swing is. Then attach a weight of some kind, anything will do. What I can assure you is a more consistently free swinging motion that consistently finds its way back and through the same point of low swing, time and time again. This swing depends much less on the motivational force of the swinger and much more on the force of the weight it is holding onto.

The weight is the force that pulls the string to its greatest length, its going with gravity and falling into its grasp as it desperately tries to pull the holding string away from its anchor. This simple, logical and forceful element exists within all effective swinging motions. Its the key ingredient to all who have a feel for it, its the remedy that treats the reason, the dom that connects the free, its the art of a great golf swing.

In short, the weight on the end of this piece of string is the force that creates all elements of consistent, free flowing movement within this single piece of string. The key to unleashing it is a simple matter of letting it go, yes, letting it go. Allow the force of the weight that you hold to simply take over and you have entered the world of free swinging motion, you have allowed the golf swing to find you and simply do its thing.

Thats right.


Feel the force of a heavy weighted swing, not a light weighted piece of string!

Enjoy the game./

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