Thursday, 3 December 2009

Human after ALL!!!

Greatness is without doubt the most responsible duty of them all. A superstar performer or legendary figure so closely pursued with the utmost scrutiny of the public eye. Constantly admired for their incredible feats of skill, talent, drive, focus and unshakable commitment to being the best they can be. It goes without saying, such a gift should be cherished, respected and ultimately utilised to the greatest possible effect. Such a position is not graced upon individuals of unique character and mental discipline lightly, it is the result of tireless commitment and true dedication to their maximizing of the human form to its fullest potential.

Greatness is born within us all, only but a few are fortunate enough to ever discover the talent and passion required to fully unlock such greatness. For those that have, we must all commend and savour their achievements, lets honor the Sporting Stars of generations come and generations gone with a deep respect for the level of hard work, sweat and sacrifice exposed by everyone of them.

As a respected Golf Instructor and dedicated purist of the game I feel incredibly honored to be apart of a world sport that currently plays host to the Greatest Sportsman on the planet and arguably the Greatest Golfer the World has ever seen. There really can't of been any better time to be a golfer, though hand me a ticket and I'd chop my right arm off for a trip back to the 50's, 60's or 70's. I wouldn't want to stay there after seeing what I now have but damn would it be cool to pick up on the crisp sounding strike of a Hogan long iron. Class like that doesn't pass through all that often which is why its such a privilege sharing the golfing platform with the genius of Tiger Woods.

Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

The bench mark of a generation, respected and remembered by the world as a model of excellence capable of inspiring generations to come. These unique figures are basically seen as perfect human beings, sometimes so far removed from the public that support and follow them that these individuals become prisoners in their own self centered world of invincibility. Tiger Woods reached that milestone, in his pursuit of greatness and 18+ Major Championships he has sacrificed more than most people will ever fully appreciate or even care to. As a result of his achievements I'm afraid all the world has come to see is a figure of absolute superstar proportion, almost god like.

So how incredible is the Tiger?
The past two years has proved without question what lies at the heart of the great one and I can safely say its all human. Yes that's right folks, he has urges, instincts, desires and even temptations into sin like every single one of us. Know one can deny, its human nature, we all have a devil within us, a naughty little voice that thrives on the risk and excitement of breaking certain rules every now and then. Tiger is no different, he's come an awful long way on his journey through life and committed every last ounce of his life to remaining focused on the mission he first pinned to his bedroom wall as a 10 year old boy. Such a single minded pursuit doesn't come without sacrifice, giving up ones youth and the childhood intrigue that allows us all the time to fully explore not just the endless possibilities of everything around us but the unlimited fun and games on offer on the way is a more than high price to pay. A figure of sporting excellence such as Tiger has never dated girls for long, short, rocky or smooth periods of time, as he developed into the man we see today all he has ever really known is the game. Any room for experimentation, adventure and intrigue has unfortunately spread no further than a ball and stick, all he's ever known is excellence and reaching the highest standards ever known to man.

Just as Mr Woods had reached the point of dislike with this writer, he decides to get a little sloppy with his 'Sexting' and carelessly blows his mischievous manner straight into the public radar! A suspected mistress conveniently follows himself and Mother down under whilst he shows up for a rare appearance in the Australian Masters. I might add he won the event in typical Tiger fashion with a week of errant drives survived by exceptional flashes of genius into and around the greens of a half baked Sandbelt Masterpiece. All in all this week has been a good one for the Tiger Woods fan base in my mind as its just reopened for business! As much as I hate the fact his family must be experiencing a horrendous amount of pain and intrusive media attention right now, this whole episode has revealed the human side of the Tiger and brought him back down to earth with an almighty crash. But lets not worry about him, he's made his bed and now its time he laid in it!

So what of these other women?
Im really not concerned with their details, stories, encounters or tempting looks of seduction, the bottom line is our God like figure of Golfing Supremacy is not a gift from God, he's not apart of a super human race or time traveller sent back to push the course of the game on. He is in fact just another dude, he has urges and occasionally submits to temptation.

Submittable to temptation or pursuit of desire?
The most powerful trait of any top athlete is a commitment to attaining the prize, seeing something and wanting it is the spark that ignites the desire that sets these individuals on that path to attainment.

Tiger Woods is without doubt the greatest sportsman living today and should be constantly admired as a model of sporting excellence, a hero, an idol, a source of inspiration for millions of young people across the world. He should not be hounded by the media and destroyed as a man away from the game, its the game that makes Tiger Woods, without it he's just another guy fighting the human instinct of sinful temptation. Take him out of the game and you give him acceptance of the common man who acts sinful, with deception and mischief, because such is everywhere. Leave Tiger in the game and you have a man of great naievity in thinking such a public figure of such magnitude is really so immortal he could actually explore other women and encounter situations of great deception without paying any price. He has clearly lost track of his position and role as a figure head for so many concerns. His once invincible image of perfection has now been destroyed and Im afraid his now uncertain public persona lay in the balance of his now sleazy, love rat reputation.

So the genius of Tiger has finally produced signs of breaking, but what else? Could this be the beginning of something much worse? Is Tiger beginning to show the true strain of supreme athleticism, is the temptation so readily thrown before our highest earning sports stars of today proving to much? Is he losing his drive, is he slowing up through boredom, has the great one simply burnt out or is he just bored of winning?

Only time will tell.

Tiger Woods could put so much more back into the game and spread the great gift of the game to a far bigger audience than he already does. The man is a boy at heart, never fully exploring ones childhood and the youthful sense of adventure and mischief can be a regrettably sorry mistake on a persons latter life reflections and possible midlife antics.

Taking responsibility for ones unsuccessful actions and accepting it is the act of a successful man.

Anything is possible, man or machine, we are all the same, born as we shall all die, with nothing. What one does with their time is what makes one the Man.


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