Sunday, 5 July 2009


The grip is the foundation of the golf swing. If built soidly there is almost no limit to how well you might play this game. Construct it poorly and, just like a house, your problems with the rest of the structure will be endless. If you adopt the teachings of just one great instructor then make it this one, the formation of the hands is the heartbeat of your golfing instincts. With a perfectly blended, ideally positioned and precisely placed pair of hands on the golf club you have set the future growth pattern to a reliable and connected reflex action. From here you will naturally begin to find the most effectively powerful position in which to place the body ready to swing. From a sound rooted down position you must still remain lively with a felling of lightness on your feet, remember, we feel with our feet as much as we feel with our hands. Practice with bare feet from a variety of surfaces and take note of where you feel the greatest sensation on each foot, gain an intense feel for the movement of weight around the balls of each foot, take note of how the weight is constantly moving and shifting firstly to the right then aggressively to the left as the golf swing makes its transition into the downswing. The weight is always moving so the sensations in the feet are constantly alive and flowing with the natural energy created in the swing. Only when rooted into the ground and alive on your feet will you be ready to feel such an enlightening experience.

Remember, we feel as much if not more with our feet than we do with our hands, we generally take our feet for granted as we are always on them in transition from point A to point B. Don't neglect the elements of feel in your game, make a sound connection with your feet to the ground and your hands to the club and the game almost instantly becomes a simple matter of reacting to the target before you.

COMMit to your FOUndaTiONS to CONNEcT to your SWiNG.


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