Friday, 8 April 2011

Boys to MEN.

Thursday 7th April 2011.
Augusta, Georgia, USA.
Augusta National Golf Club.
The Masters Tournament.

For most, its a dream, its a life long goal for many a true golf purist to someday be fortunate enough to visit quite possibly the most attractive and visually stunning golf course on the planet. For these two young men, both at the absolute pinnacle of the game, its now well beyond any dream, as for these two superstars the dream is very much a reality.

Both young men are here to stay and very much in their sights is the honor of that ultimate achievement, one has already equipped himself with a wardrobe to match the distinguished green jacket reserved for champions and the chosen few members of quite possibly the most elite club on earth. The other, well he's Irish, and nothing fits better than the simple title of Masters champion in this kids eyes.

So what is it that distinguishes these two modern day virtuosos?

Beyond their great skill with a ball and stick, what separates these two from the rest is their unique rise to prominence. Both have remained committed to the life long guidance of one professional instructor. Yes, both have remained loyal and still to this day trust and have total belief in what has gotten them to the top of the game today. They have never gone looking for anything more, but simply worked hard and mastered the skills they have always had. They truly have own of their  golf swings and total belief in what makes them so great to this day.

For now I will leave this piece as a work in progress, the future is most definitely in their hands. For now, all I ask you to do is take note of their ethics, find a teacher you have trust in, challenge his thoughts and see where they lead you. I guarantee you finding a good one isn't easy, finding a simple one even harder, finding one to remain loyal to even harder, but when you do, have fun with them.

Enjoy this years Masters weekend then go enjoy your golf./

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