Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Steve STRiKER........../

The Ryder Cup ANCHOR.

Without doubt, during this years epic clash Mr Stricker once again confirmed himself as the number one player on the planet with a wedge in hand. His ability to consistently repeat exemplified feats of spin, distance and trajectory control, time after time, under the most intense of golfing pressure, stands him high above the golfing crowd that so eagerly surrounds him. 

So what is it this man has or so effectively grooved to such a unique level of reflex golfing action?


Thats just it, SIMPLICITY.
Years of intense golfing exploration has delivered some key fundamental requirements to be honed and constantly respected in search of ultimate golfing consistency. 

Shaped around the key elements of:


Mr Stricker has shaped a reflex action that allows TIME, PACE, RHYTHM and GRACE.

How's he do it?

He simply eliminates any wrist action as much as possible. Where as a great many Touring Pros add variations in wrist hinge and swing length for different shot types and distance, Steve simply plays every short approach shot with the same swing length and degree of wrist hinge. He simply varies the club strength to suit the distance and situation before him.

Variations in shot length, trajectory and spin are simply controlled through a manipulation of some key fundamentals in the address. They are as follows:

DISTANCE - Vary the club strength, loft to suit the distance and spin versus roll required.
TRAJECTORY - Beyond loft of different clubs, simply move the ball further back or up in the stance.
SPIN OVER ROLL - Experiment with various ball positions/ stance alignments/ weight distribution.

These key demands are simply shaped through great insight and respect for the fundamentals presented before everyone of us as we address every shot. Consistency of swing length and wrist hinge is what completes this ultimate scoring zone wizard.

The same principles flow through this great mans entire golfing makeup, he really is a master of the wedge and one we should all look to follow and continually respect as a world leader in the art of scoring from 100 yards in.

Enjoy his talent as I do and you will surely become the player you always knew you could be.

ENjOY the game./



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