Monday, 16 August 2010

PLAY? - doh .. ... ./

shAPE & MOULd, creATE & diCTaTE.........../

The art of great instruction is so much more than simply teaching a pupil to strike better golf shots.
The true art of great golf is a process of natural, instinctive shaping, most commonly known as teaching but so much more.

Ones role as a dedicated teacher of this great game is to produce and mould, shape and create magnificent shot makers, human studies of unique golfing prowess. 

The entire teaching process, one of constant evolution and creative development is effectively down to the quality of the individual standing before you. Yes you the individual who's decided this person is sufficiently educated and effectively passionate to express the correct and most infectious lessons from the game we all pursue with the same degree of appealing fascination. 

Its simple.

The games a game, the process of achievement within it is one of constant appeal and unprecedented infatuation. Ones role as guiding force is to simply assure the creative subject before them is no longer lost or tempted into the appealing world of in swing technique and in vogue like tendencies so commonly seen and practiced by the worlds seemingly golf like elite.


Listen to me when I say the game of golf is quite probably the most complex study of all sporting endeavors, but lets please not lose sight of the most essential requirement of every stroke we play for the remainder of our golfing live's.


You got it, the game of golf is a simple matter of ball in hole.


Its all about ball control, and to do that one must simply understand the art of IMPACT.
Dive into the true art of ball control through the only point in the swing where the ball is made contact with. Thats the point of impact, the area so many players never fully realize as vital to the successful safe and effective score landing of their golf ball.

As a world class golf teacher, one is constantly faced with the same, commonly seen as BASIC ritual, to improve the 'BASICS', yes, the key and quite simply only thing that ever matters to success in golf, the FUNDAMENTALS that shape and effectively allow the best players in the world to CREATE great golf shots when the situation before them demands it. Its my daily duty to first educate and install the level of respect for the KEY FUNDAMENTALS before effectively INSTALLING them on every pupil before me. If I can do this, well, I have every opportunity of developing a player that will undoubtedly reach their own golfing mecca before the end of their golfing life.

Upon first viewing any player, or idea of oneself playing this game, I am immediately drawn to the key requirement of ball control, I so hope you guessed it. Thats it, a great hold on the golf club, a most beautiful piece of art, a moulded formation of the two hands and all their fingers combined to create the signiture of any great golf teacher. The hold of any great shotmaker is what defines them in this class apart, YES the hands hold the key and this teacher defines himself along with subject with a signiture like no other. To hold the golf club in perfect individual formation of two hands is what its all about. Please trust these words when I say, if you do nothing else but assume a hold so perfect, so efficient, so pristine, I assure you the golfing world that surrounds you is un-boundless and quite perfectly yours for the taking.

Like an artist so patiently and creatively moulds his masterpiece from one single lump of clay, the greatest of golfing teachers shapes his. We as golf teachers must continuously imprint our creative prowess upon the clay before us in an effort to shape the ball flight before us both. Its from this vital source of feedback that our masterpiece of artwork will flower and ultimately create the master works we all so passionately strive to be apart of.

Golf is as much an ART as it is a SCIENCE, but please lets not forget, the true science lay in the mystery of the ART.

Work it out and it works for you.




Just play................/

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