Monday, 3 May 2010


The game, a structured activity, typically undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used for the purpose of education. In its purest form, a game is a creative avenue for escape, it provides a platform for its players to challenge and commit their concentration. In essence, the games we play are simply that, easy to play games, endeavors of unique intrigue and excitement, they provide us with an opportunity to escape the routine of everyday life and embark on a more personal discovery of our very self. Whilst this may sound some what deep and profound from the surface, lets not forget we are discussing something as simple and second nature as a game, only if one is to fully grasp the raw essence of its very existence then we must first realize its most precious place in the bigger game, the game so readily brand as life itself. While the depth of this focus could easily go on, the point of its worth will forever dive deeper, with mans need for the games we have created becoming ever more central to their long term happiness.

The game of golf has now lost its real title, its acceptance as a sport, one consisting of superior athletes each equipped with the athletic tone and muscular physique of a triathlete. Such metamorphic events have thrown us into a mega modern frenzy of research, theory, analysis and adversity. We have lost the point of the pastime, the sense of the word game alongside the notion of the word golf has all but lost its struggle to the power hungry world of sport. While the players within the game welcome the acceptance of golf as a sport, I have little reason to believe a healthy percentage have taken the time to realize what they have lost and what such a simple change in terminology actually means for the future. No longer is a talented golfer accepted as a prospect unless he or she lives to a strict and balanced lifestyle made up of fitness, nutrition, detailed swing analysis, psychology and analysis. Resting in the arms of the sport is a severe shift in creative priority, not a conscious action but one reflected by the mass appeal of the games first golfing athletes. Goodbye we salute to the flair hungry shot makers of the once seen games past, and welcome to the future age, priority programmed machine like monsters that now so readily surrender to the stress of competitive sport.

The fighting debate over the games founders will forever continue to excite and frustrate the many who surrender to its mystery. For myself, the only thing that really matters is why this great game was ever conceived and created in the first place. Simple, to escape, challenge and discover the boundless potential that lay within us all. Its sole purpose is fun, fun and games, mystery and adventure, the art of escape, the pure essence of the game is ultimately one of great beauty and should be cherished by all who choose to surrender to its mass appeal.

A game is a platform to escape, as in life itself, the game we all find ourselves submerged in daily, the key to maximizing its endless potential is an open mind for total enjoyment of whatever it has to throw at us.

Go play, escape, and don't forget you're there to be challenged so be sure you create.


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