Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Average JOE the nO gO prO....

Your average Pro never looks close enough at the key foundations to your game. Look closer than before and you won't ever make mistakes like b4. Ask your Pro today, 'What are we ultimately trying to do, please ask him to tell you what it is he is trying to give you when you take lessons and listen intently at what he has to say. I promise you, if he fails to mention the word control and golf ball within 2 words of one another then he's failed in his quest as a teacher.

The ULTIMATE goal of any teacher should be to provide the pupil with the skill and understanding to consistently control their GOLF BALL around the COURSE with as little trouble as possible.

The art of the game is BALL CONTROL.
The scientist are only ever interested in SWING CONTROL.

Golf is what the BALL does.

The flight of the ball reveals all.

Stick with it and I promise you, your golfing future will flourish.



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