Monday, 2 February 2009

FEeL for Force/ a PiTChiNG Lesson.

Take a closer look at the images 4 and 5.

Notice the decrease in the angle formed between the left arm and club shaft as Darryn transfers the force of the swinging club into the downswing. The softness of his hands and arms combined with the trust he has in the formation of his hands on the club, allows him to create the desired down cock or lag with the club head in the downswing. This lag is the key to a great ball strikers ability to repeatedly strike the ball with such precision and fluent accuracy from the centre of the clubface.

The lower body is simply moving to support the free swinging action of the hands and arms.

Darryn controls the speed and pace of his arm swing beautifully throughout.









Shot on location/ African Open
East London SA 01/09

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