Monday, 1 December 2008

THE Process

So you decide to drive your car from point A to point B. How do you complete the journey with such ease and minimal frustration?

Simple, you focus on the journey/ the road ahead of you and never once find yourself wrapped up in the potential complications of gear changes, hand, wrist and arm movements, foot and leg positions and so on. You simply have trust in your car and the instincts you have developed through time on the road.

What we as golfers so easily fail to realise and commonly take for granted are the basic fundamentals that all of us as road users have so much trust in. Four wheels, brakes, seats, steering wheel and an engine/ clubface, hands, shoulder alignment etc, etc. These basics are the most vital to your success as both a golf course and road user and accomplished driver of an automobile. With these basic requirements consistently in place on every journey, all one has to do in order to be successful is simply focus on the target and have a clearly pictured route to it. Remain focussed on the journey and leave the controlling elements to the basics of setup and human instinct.

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